Advertising Perks

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Advertising Perks

Our Advertising system is a great way to help businesses reach new customers, but at the same time create a experience that does not annoy or over saturate a browsers experience.  Here is a quick run down of how the system works for advertising on different pages.

Home Page

  • On the home page we are adding one random featured listing from every category. 
  • So the vaporizers section will have a randomly shown featured vaporizers.  The dispensaries section on the home page will, the online companies page will, and so on.

Category Pages

  • These are the pages with multiple products shown that you can view more information about by clicking on them.
  • On every category page featured listings are shown before all other listings to start.  So on the vaporizer page you will see featured vaporizers first.
  • Visitors can sort listings by multiple parameters that will change the sorting order.  So if vaporizers are sorted by highest critic score then featured will not show at the top.
  • If visitors filter listings featured listings that apply to those criteria will still show first.  So if vaporizers are sorted by portable only, all featured "portable only" vaporizers will be displayed first.

Listing Pages

  • These are the detail information about products, strains, businesses, and other listings.
  • Before critic and user reviews a related product ad is shown.
  • There are only 2 ads shown on each of these pages max.
  • These ads actually link to the product page on meta weed and will not go to a 3rd party site.
  • So if you own a seed back you can have your seed bank posts featured on the site, then a advertisement will show on every page for a link to your listing on metaweed.  You can then have on your listing page information about your company and a link to visit your website.

Recipe Detail Pages

  • We are working to allow one video ad to show before the recipe video is shown on the pages
  • Keep in mind 100% of the revenue (minus expenses) will go to the video creator
  • This is how we are working to help new chefs gain a source of income by sharing their cooking videos on the site and creating new ones.

Strain Detail Pages

  • On strain pages we will have a section for seed banks and nearby retailers for specific strains.
  • Featured stores and seed banks will be shown at the top before other stores and seed banks are shown.

Vaporizer, Pipes, and Accessories Detail Pages.

  • Product pages will have a link for retailers.
  • Featured companies will have their listings shown before other companies.

Dispensary Detail Pages

  • We will have a nearby dispensary section on all dispensary pages.
  • We will have both a map view and a distance view for dispensaries.
  • On the map page featured dispensaries will have a larger icon shown.
  • On the distance view page dispensaries within 20 miles that are featured will show first.
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