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How It Works

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Meta Weed was first created in 2012 with a purpose of helping people find information on medical marijuana.  Fast forward 4 years and we have changed our entire system to become an aggregate review site for everything relating to cannabis.  What this means is we work with hundreds of websites and use their reviews to create a more comprehensive score for products, strains, businesses, and pretty much everything else cannabis. 

So instead of just knowing what one website or critic thinks of the blue dream strain, you can see reviews from multiple sites giving you a better understand of it, or help find someone that has a similar reaction to a certain strain or product.

Easily Sorted Searches

When it comes to finding things relating to cannabis it can be a hassle.  What type of strain you enjoy?  What vaporization method should you use?  Are there low carb cannabis recipes out there?  Well with our in depth searching features you can find anything and everything you need.  You can use the straight forward searching at the top of the page which sorts things by the closest title. 

If you want more just search a section by using the menu button on the top left of the page.  From there you will see quick link buttons on for popular searches, or you can click the view all filters for the most comprehensive way to search for anything you are after.

A Site Without Annoying Ads

We all hate being bombarded with annoying ads on websites.  Popups, sketch 3rd party advertising sites, and more. We have all dealt with these annoying features.  So what we have done is create a way for new and old businesses to reach new users, but at the same time not bombard users with annoying ads that redirect you to 3rd party sites.  The way we did this is through having all our advertising in house. 

So if you are visited a specific vaporizer you will see a MAX of 2 others products on our site you might like.  This will give you the safety of zero fear of being directed to a undesired website, and allow companies to show off new and exciting products.


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