Payment Plans

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Payment Plans

Our system for advertising payments is set up to reward early adopters, but still set up to help newer companies too.

  • No one wants to advertise on a company that allows everyone to be featured for 1 dollar as it does not help companies promote themselves if everyone is doing it.
  • At the same time charging hundreds upon hundreds can be a budget that out scales newer businesses from having a budget to meet their goals.

Pricing Plan Early Adopters Plan

  • Our pricing system started out at 10 dollars a month no matter what type of business you are joining. 
  • Then every 5 new advertisers we have join we raise it by 10 dollars.
  • This does 3 main features.  The first is it rewards those who help metaweed in the start be given a low cost for joining our advertising system.
  • Secondly it creates a pricing structure that is not to hard for new companies to join.
  • Finally it creates a pricing system that will limit the amount of advertisers using the site helping advertisers reach new customers.

Keep in mind the price is always going up, so while it started at 10 dollars a month it will not be 10 dollars.  It keeps going up based on the amount of people who have joined. 

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