Cannabis Aloe Vera Recipe

Here is a relatively simple recipe to make Cannabis Aloe Vera at home.  It only takes about an hour tops with the majority being just scrapping your Aloe Vera leaves clean.  This recipe is great for scrapes, sun burns, and cuts.  It helps heal you and the cannabis will help dilute the pain even more as your skin absorbs it.  You will need some cannabis coconut oil to make this topical (lotion), but listed above is a link for how you can easily make that too.

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How To Make Cannabis Aloe Vera Recipe
Difficulty: Moderate Serves: Total Time: 060 Minutes
Use a knife to split up the aloe very plants. Going from top to bottom works well.
Using a spoon scrape the interior of the plant and place in a blender container. It helps to wait 2 minutes at scrapping for more oil to extract out of the plants interior that you can get out.
Place your citric acid, vitamin e, and marijuana coconut oil in the blender as well.
Blend until all the ingredients are finely pureed.
Place your mixture in an air right container and leave in the fridge for close to a month.
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